Vegan Rocky Cake

Vegan Rocky Cake

After a Bite You Will Have to Eat It All

Hi, my lovely rabbit readers around the world,

In 2016 I created this Vegan Rocky Cake for the first time, and I have to say, since then I’ve definitely made a little bit of progress with my presentation. I was not very happy with my original plating, and it was so good to have a chance to redo this recipe of Vegan Rocky Cake and see how far I’ve come. I would like to say I’ve started to make a few changes here and there, in preparation for the new upgrade of my website which is coming very soon I can’t wait! But, back to the cake. I would like to introduce my lovely editor Holly, I’m so thankful for the excellent job she’s doing and her amazing re-typing. I recently told her I wanted to make her a yummy cake as a present and asked her what kind of ingredients she likes. I decided this chocolatey cake would be perfect for her! I can only say her reaction and feedback was amazing for me and I’m so glad she and her family loved it:) Guys, this cake is really so quick and easy to make like My Chocolate Brownie, and so so delicious especially for chocolate lovers:)

Let’s do it together:

Vegan Rocky Cake 06


130g raw cocoa powder

200g coconut butter

90g-130g dark agave syrup

400ml coconut milk

50g gluten free biscuits

80 raisins

15g hemp seeds

90g walnuts

Vegan Rocky Cake 01

Vegan Rocky Cake 02

Vegan Rocky Cake 09


Prepare two bowls. Into the first one mix the biscuits, chopped or broken into small chunks, together with raisins, hemp seeds, and walnuts. Into the second bowl put the cocoa powder, butter, milk, and syrup. Meanwhile, boil water in a pot larger than the second bowl, and put the second bowl with its contents into the boiling water to melt everything down. When is perfectly melted and smooth, mix in all the ingredients from the first bowl and whisk together. Pour all of the mixtures into a cake tin of any shape, leave it to cool down and then refrigerate for 7 hours. After a long wait in the fridge, it’s time to try your cake! Let me know if it was worth the wait!

I can’t wait for your feedback 🙂

Vegan Rocky Cake 08

Vegan Rocky Cake 05

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