Creamy Strawberry Tartare with Raw Chocolate Caviar

Hey guys.

How are you doing today? How busy are you, do you have time to make a really easy and simple raw dessert? I would like to and share with you a wonderful recipe and my childhood memories. I remember as a small kid, my mum or grandma, making my little brother and I, a fresh strawberry with sugar, cream and mint treat. In fact as kid it became an obsession, but I’m not blaming my family 🙂

So I have created a pure vegan recipe for you, and I do believe you will find it rather yummy.




140g fresh strawberries

10g coconut cream

5 leaves of fresh mint

1/2 tbsp hemp seeds



50g cocoa nibs

70 g cocoa powder

25 ml olive oil



First wash the strawberries and chop the ends off, then slice or dice, it’s really up to you. Place these in your salad bowl, add hemp seeds, chopped mint, coconut cream and mix it well.


It’s so easy, just mix everything nicely together and leave for 4 hours, but don’t put it in the fridge.

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