My Chocolate Brownie

The first time I ever heard about brownies was around 2006 when I came to England. I have to say it’s a traditional dessert in pubs here.  Also it has around thousands of recipes and honestly if you are in the big cities or villages you will always find brownies J . You can also find hard and light versions it depends on recipes, and I have seen them served with fruits, ice creams, syrups, chocolate or caramel sauce, also with some fruits or berries compotes. That reminds me, it’s exactly the same with sticky toffee pudding another national dessert. These are so so yummy and delicious of course but I guess as vegan versions. Right? J
After my experience as the chef in pubs, I have decided to make you my own version and I will be happy if you will try it and let me know what you think about it.



20g brazil nuts
20g pecan nuts
1 small mandarin
86g of self-raising gluten-free flour
4/6 g of raw cocoa powder
10g goji berries
115ml milk of your choice (nut or rice)
65g of xylitol (sugar)
26ml rapeseed oil + some for your baking tray
100g dark vegan chocolate



Preheat your oven to gas 3 /160C
Crush all the nuts in your food processor but leave some chunky bits. Use a large bowl, possibly a salad bowl, and add the nuts, berries, and flour. Mix these together and after just one minute add cocoa powder, xylitol and zest, and juice from the mandarin.

Use a little bit of and rapeseed oil for your baking tray and wipe it add some baking paper.
You will need to melt the chocolate as well, so use a pan with simmering water and use a bowl over this in which to melt it well. Then add the chocolate to all the ingredients.
Add also oil and sugar and use your hands to gently mix all together again. Then move to your tray and put in the oven.

Bake for around 20 – 25 min and after let them cool down. Again it’s up to you which shape of brownie and size you prefer and you can serve with vegan ice cream and some berry coulis.

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