Chocolate Sundae

Hey, guys, do you remember when I posted my brownie recipe a few days ago? If so, I missed out some very important information regarding the trimmings.
So when I cut the brownies into portions, I chopped the edges and ends off and saved them for a week in the freezer. There’s nothing wrong with this, generally, lots of people and also chefs don’t think about the trimmings or leftover food which you can still use, in fact, you can use some parts of vegetable or fruits for your compost. So when I froze these bits of brownie, I knew they would make a super quick dessert for you. This is so popular here in the South UK,  it’s a yummy variation of the pudding, and especially for kids, is going down well.
To be honest with you just play with this dish, because you don’t have to limit what you add to it, what you would like to mix in and how you want to serve it. Really just use your nice imagination and you can make it for all of your family or friends and I believe, it’s gonna work for sure 
This is a large portion of 1 person.


140g brownie trimmings
50g strawberries
50g raspberries
50g blackberries
50g wild berry coulis
30g vanilla vegan ice cream



This is so short :0
Use a nice large wine glass, some dessert bowl or glass, and slowly mix everything together. You can top your sundae with some icing sugar, grated chocolate, cinnamon or mint balsamic dressing with some gluten-free and vegan waffles as well.



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