Banana and Coconut Cake

Hey Guys,

I have a question for you. Have you ever made a cake or recipe in your life, which you expected to be perfect but then something happened, for example, you changed the ingredients slightly and created something different to how you expected?

So that exactly happened to me, and I have to smile because I was going to make a kind of vegan sponge, to begin with, but I changed direction completely, finding this cake in my mind and producing it instead.

 It was the day after I worked for a lovely client here in this beautiful part of southern England, East Sussex, who asked me if I could make some gluten-free, vegan cake. He started telling me a few ideas, and as I listened, I just got it. I have to say This cake is a little bit dry but don’t be shy use any nice coulis or some nice, yummy vegan yogurt.



3 soft bananas

150ml nut milk your choice (I used cashew)

80g xylitol or 80ml date dark syrup

40g organic baking powder

50g desiccated coconut

115g GF buckwheat flour

1/2 lime (zest and juice)

1 pinch of Himalayan salt

1 spoon of olive oil



Use any large bowl and crush bananas with fork or whisk and melt it. Add syrup or xylitol and whisk together before adding milk, coconut, lime, salt, flour and baking powder. Gently mix it together, making sure you have a nice consistency. Add olive oil and use a little to wipe gently around your baking form before putting baking paper in your form. Put your cake base mixture into your baking form and bake for around 25min at 166C. Be sure to check it via skewer and if it’s still soft and melty add another 5 min.

I can highly recommend serving this cake with mango salsa, coulis or sorbet, also coconut yogurt or ice cream is a nice combination as well.


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