My Stuffed Bromley Apple

Hi Guys I‘m back today with another simple recipe for you. I just would like to

ask you if you have ever tried apple crumble or apple pie as a dessert? This is

another traditional pudding in the UK. Customers and other people really love it

all the time. There are so many different recipes and methods of making this. I

remember as a kid we had my Grandma’s apple strudel some Sundays. She made

this old school pudding so absolutely delicious I will never forget it. So I

combined all of my ideas and came up with this, I believe you will like it.



1 large Bramley apple

10g raisins

20g cranberries

1 ½ tbsp. cinnamon

1 pinch of cloves in powder

1 splash of agave syrup or maple leaf syrup




Cut the apple in half and remove the seeds and inside. I used a melon baller but I

firstly removed the seeds before placing the flesh in a small cooking pot. I added

berries, raisins and all of the other ingredients except the crumble to the pot, and

cooked for 5 -8 min till soft. I then added this stuffing to the inside of the apple

and cooked in the oven for 14min / 180C. Simply top with crumble 4 min before

cooking time is up.

I used home made gluten free crumble. To make it you need gluten free flour,

coconut pressed butter and syrup or vegan sugar. If you don’t have these I

suggest gluten free digestive biscuits.


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