My Winter SmoothieFeatured

A very early good morning dear friends, how do you feel if you have to wake up

around 5.30 am? Personally sometimes I need to go back to bed, other times I’m

so ready and full of energy. The latter happened a few days ago when I woke up

and made this smoothie. I’m really happy to share it with you.



1 banana

500g cantaloupe melon

100g mango

200g blueberries

150g white grapefruit (juice)

10g fresh mint leafs

1 large spoon of hemp seeds

½ tbsp. dandelion dry leafs

150ml milk of your choice (hemp, poppy seeds, almond )



It’s so easy to prep this smoothie. Just take the seeds and skin from the melon,

peel the banana, squeeze the grapefruit, and of course put it all together and

blend well.