Papaya / Strawberries and Apricot Smoothie

Hey guys!

Hope you’re all doing well. Being the lovely summer it is, my taste buds

crave lots of fruits, lots of summery smells and tastes. In summer time

especially, and all year round, I make lots of smoothies.

In my spare time, one of my loved activities is to visit a food market in

the heart of my town. Its colours, its smells…. They get ideas flowing

into my head… Those are times when I get inspired the most…That is

when I start thinking about the new recipes which I later love to share

with you…


2 bananas

500g papaya

  •  200g apricot150g strawberries

    3 tbsp cinnamon

    150ml hazelnut milk



It’s very easy to make… just remove the papaya skin and seeds and the

apricot stones. Put all of the fruit into the blender, add milk and cinnamon

and blend till very smooth.

Smoothies are great in the morning, giving us power, acting as energy



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