Persimmon/Asian Pears Smoothie

Good Morning amazing people all around the world.
How is your day, your life, your health, your spirit, your focus, your everything ….
Are you happy??? I guess this is better question……
I think a very good start to making ourselves happy is this really yummy smoothie. It will help our stomach smile all day
So I was walking around the local market shop yesterday and amongst the shelves, I found these amazing Asian pears, with this magical, orange Persimmon. I would like to share the idea I then had for another quick breakfast
I can tell you a bit about these great fruits. Filled with energy, vitamins, fibers, potassium, they are also perfect for our digestive system which they keep it clean, healthy and of course in good condition. This combination is exactly perfect for winter season if you living in cold and snow area. Turmeric, clove, and cinnamon always bring nice power to our bodies.
So I created an interesting mix of fruits and herbs and I believe you will like it, feel its spirit and nice taste….



1 banana
1 Asian pear (200g)
1 persimmon (200g)
1 small mandarine
180ml nut milk your choice
½ tsp of cinnamon powder
½ tsp of turmeric
½ tsp of vanilla seeds
½ tsp of clove powder 



I suggest to you use a nice and fast blender or good kitchen processor and put everything together, but don’t forget to remove banana skin and also remove the pear’s seeds and stalk. If you don’t like pear skin you can peel it off as well. Then do exactly the same with the persimmon and just chop into chunky cubes.  Add to your processor add all of the ingridents  and blend it all together ’til it reaches a nice and smooth consistency.

Just small note: If you prefer your smoothie sweeter add always some organic syrup (your choice)



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