Watercress Salad with Tahini dressing

Hello lovely people around the world, how are you today ? How’s

everything going with you ? I have a quick, light and healthy salad for

you today.



80g Watercress

15g hemp seeds

1 large spring onion

10g pomegranate seeds

25g cucumbers

1 lemon (only zest)

fresh mint ( few leafs)



1 ½ spoon of tahini

10 tbsp coconut yogurt

½ tbsp. French mustard

½ tbsp. maple leaf syrup

1 small mandarin ( juice)



Just mix everything together and it’s really up to you how to prefer plate

it. Chop the mint, onion, cucumber or make nice long strips and finally, as

I said, just mix it all together.



You’ll need a nice large bowl and a whisk. Put all of the ingredients

together and whisk it well for around 5-6 min.

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