Banana / Mandarins / Hemp Seeds / Mint and Orange Smoothie

Hi Guys, I’m back again with a really yummy smoothie. This one is

definitely interesting. I choose combinations which make me happy and I

hope you will feel the same. I love smoothie for breakfast because you

can make it quickly and easily in busy mornings.



1 large spoon of Hemp Seeds

2 Bananas

1 Orange

2 Mandarins

1 Apple

1 tbsp. of Raw Cocoa Nibs

½ tbsp.. of Cinnamon

10 g fresh Mint leaves

150 ml Almond Milk

¾ tbps of Neem Powder







Remove the skin from the bananas, break them and put them into your

blender. Add hemp seeds, cocoa, cinnamon, mint and neem powder, then

add apple (remove the seeds before chopping).

Next squeeze the mandarins and orange, or if you like you can use them

whole. Lastly add the milk and just blend it all together.

PS: Neem has a very strong flavour but it’s beneficial for our body.

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