Black Beans Pasta with Butternut Squash

Hello to everyone. I’m very glad to introduce you to another simple, nice and

yummy dish. This is perfect for everyone who’s in a hurry to make some quick

tasty food. Actually I really like it. It’s delicious and lovely.



60 – 80g black bean pasta/spaghetti

40g butternut squash potato

1 clove of garlic

6 large leafs of fresh sage

15g pumpkin seeds

½tbsp of smoked paprika powder

1 large spoon of pressed coconut oil

salt & pepper



You will need two pots, one for the pasta and a second for the other ingredients.

So cook the pasta just around 5 min once the water has boiled, and during this

time start to pan fry the pumpkin seeds with sage. Then add the butternut

squash (cutting it julienne is nice, easy, and I added it raw straight to the pan)

chop the garlic, add smoked paprika and salt and pepper. After, mix everything

together with the pasta.

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