My Poached Pears

Welcome back to my kitchen. Today I would like to show you a traditional winter

dish which I’ve made so many times in lots of restaurants here in South UK. It

may be too simple for some, but I think it’s still a delicious dessert for cold times.

I believe you will like it.



1 large pear (around 250g)

10 juniper berries

4 cardamom pools

3 star anise

4 tbsp. of cinnamon

1 small orange

½ tbsp. coriander seeds

600ml water

500ml port wine

pinch of saffron

½ tbsp. nutmeg

½ tbsp. cloves

5 splash of agave syrup

3 spoons of light brown sugar



Peel the pear and remove the seeds in the center, I prefer to use a melon baller to

easily dig it out. Put your pear, together with all of the ingredients, including the

wine and water, into a large pot, and cook for around 45 min till soft. Afterwards

allow the pear to cool down. You can use the rest of the stock for other pears or

coulee or as mulled wine. Enjoy.

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