Pan Fried Saturn Peaches

Hello guys, how are today? I know I know I promised I would make more puddings and sweetness for you a while ago. But trust me I didn’t forget, it’s always just about having the time and ideas, which is sometimes hard because when I think I’m ready to do it I change my mind and end up creating other dishes. Anyway, I hope you will like it this yummy dessert I have for you.
I can’t see any complications to making it and I have to say it’s a really lovely, light dessert.
I bought these amazing peaches in a small market nearly Brighton UK, they always have fresh and good quality products and importantly, mostly organic.


300g soft Saturn peaches
9 whole cardamom seeds
1 vanilla pod
1/2 tbsp of cinnamon powder
2 spoon of coconut oil for cooking
5g of fresh lemon thyme
1/2 lemon, just zest
1 large spoon of dark agave syrup
1/2 large spoon of pressed coconut butter
I would like to suggest you use a nonstick pot or pan, it’s better for roasting or frying. First gently remove the pips from the peaches and try not to break too many peaches.
Put the coconut oil in the pan with cardamon and thyme, and after 3 mins add the peaches and vanilla pod. You can scoop the vanilla seeds out or just take a knife and cut down the middle of the pod and leave this in the pan for the seeds to come out. Add lemon zest and cinnamon and gently mix it all together and just check if the peaches are starting to soften. If so you can turn them around and roast the other side. Add the syrup with pressed coconut butter and mix it once again. This dish takes 15 min cca depending on how soft the peaches you have are.


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