My Nuts Flapjack

Who is always thinking about a little snack after lunch? Hmm? Me too guys. Hello to everyone, I hope you are having an amazing time and keeping yourselves well.  So the question for today is….? How many times do you crave something sweet after lunch? For me it was always a big fight until I read a spiritual book the following sentence: “Your Body = Your Temple” and that’s so true isn’t it? I then changed my habit.
So it’s not necessary to have something straight after lunch, I guess we need to keep a good drink regime and between each meal and of course we can always alternatively have a healthy snack…. That could be some kind of nut bar or flapjack.
Preparing this is so easy, let’s say you will need around 35-40 min to make it.



250g mix of nuts (I used Brazil, pecan, walnut, and pistachio)
50g dry apricots
15g roasted hazelnuts
80g xylitol (sugar)
60g – 80g syrup of your choice (you can use less if you don’t like a moist consistency)



Firstly switch your oven on, gas 4 / 180C.
I would just like to say that if you would like to add any other nuts or seeds you can of course. This recipe is really easy and quick, what you need to do is chop or slice the apricots and blend the nuts in your kitchen robot or processor, but don’t blend it hard you have to keep some chunks. Then put everything into your food bowl and mix it very well. When you have a nice mushy structure then move to your baking gastro tray. I recommend you add and press down some baking paper into your tray, and make nice shapes. Then move to your oven and bake for 25 min. Finally, leave to cool down for 2-3 hours and put in your fridge for another couple hours and then it will be ready for you ….

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