Vegan Banana Pancake

Vegan Banana Pancake
Love Is In the Air?

Can you imagine how cool it would be if you could walk to inside the massive pancake house? and you could eat as much as you want these amazing sweet treats? That’s a really nice vision, isn’t it … hahaha Hello, my lovely readers, I’m just trying to put you in the mind of a child a little bit because I have to share with you some memories of my childhood. On the last Friday of every month, my grandmother made me and my brother pancakes! My grandmother used all organic ingredients, but of course, as a kid, I didn’t have any idea what veganism was, we all ate everything. But I have such lovely memories, she always made such delicious combinations, serving pancakes with homemade jam, marmalade, chocolate, creme cheese, and many more variations. I really enjoyed these moments but the reason why I mentioned my nan is that every time I make a vegan version of pancakes, it feels like my grandma is with me 🙂

So, I decided to make a recipe for my own version of Vegan Banana Pancake for you with slightly different ingredients, but I would like to say this dish is great for any occasion and your family, kids, friends or even work colleges will all love them.

Also, remember you can serve this yummy dessert with whatever you prefer, such as jam, compote, coulis, yogurt, fresh fruits, homemade chocolate sauce or ice cream or sorbet 🙂

This Vegan Banana Pancake is so easy to make it as Raw Chocolate / Avocado Mousse

Vegan Banana Pancake 3


2 fresh, soft bananas (approx: 250G)

80g coconut sugar

140g green banana flour

250 ml nut milk of your choice

Pinch of salt

oil or vegan butter for cooking

Vegan Banana Pancake 8


Ok, guys, this is a super quick process.

Use a salad bowl or some other large bowl and smash with a fork or use an electric hand mixer to make the bananas a nice, smooth consistency. Add the coconut sugar, milk and flour and a pinch of salt, and mix all ingredients for few more minutes. Don’t worry about the brown colour, that’s just the coconut sugar and is totally normal. then prepare your non-stick frying pan or pancake pan and use oil or butter for cooking then place a nice sized amount your mixture inside and cook till bubbling and then flip over onto the other side. Cook for 5 mins on low heat each side.

Vegan Banana Pancake 2

Vegan Banana Pancake 4

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