Hemp Penne Pasta with Garlic / Spinach / Mushroom and White Wine Sauce

Hey Guys! Are you hungry?  Would you like to try something easy and


So! I have an easy recipe for you today.

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned before, but I worked and collaborated with

Carun Pharmacy UK. It’s all about Hemp products. They have such good

produce and they also have pasta. So let’s do this together.

This is just one portion, measure out more if you would like cook for

family or friends.



80 g of Hemp Penne Pasta

30 g of fresh Garlic

100g Mushroom

50 g of Spinach

1 tbsp. of Smoked Paprika

100 ml of White cooking wine

150 ml of Single Soya Cream

10 g of Pistachios nuts

Lemon Zest

Salt & Black Pepper





You will need a pot with water for the pasta. Cooking time is around 7

mins. I recommend a wok for preparing the sauce. Put cooking olive oil

(2 tbsp.) into the pan, and once hot go add chopped garlic. Be sure not to

burn it, just make sure it has a nice golden colour then add sliced

mushrooms. Mix everything and after 3 minutes add wine, smoked

paprika and soya single cream. Reduce the sauce down until smooth in

consistency and when nearly done, add baby spinach leaves (wash

before) and mix all together, along with the cooked pasta. Just before

plating add nuts, zest and mix everything again.

You can also top this this with any micro herbs, it’ll work nicely.


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