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Dragon Fruit / Pepino Melon and Lime Smoothie

by Tomas

Hey guys, it’s unbelievable but we actually have summer in the South

UK. Not a spot of rain for quite a while now, and this weather has

inspired me to make you a smoothie.

My friend asked me how I got this idea, and as I said to her, I just took

one look at these fruits and it came to me….



2 bananas

1 dragon fruit (340g)

1 pepino melon (230g)

1 lime

120 ml milk your choice (nuts)

1 large spoon dark agave syrup

1 large spoon of raw coconut flaked



It’s so easy. You just have to remove the skins of the dragon fruits and of

course the melon’s as well. Blend these fruits with all of the other


It’s so good ….


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