Raw Chocolate / Avocado Mousse

Hey, lovely people around the world! There might be a not so simple

answer to my simple question for you today: Who does not like sweets? I

think that most of us do. The thing is to choose the good and healthier

sweet options. So, if you are All about sweets, what if there is absolutely

no problem with that ……

Although there are many recipes for avocado mousse, I have tried to do it

my way once again, doing things a little bit differently to satisfy my and

your sweet tooth.

Let’s make it together right now! No more waiting!



2 soft avocados (450 g)

85 g organic raw cocoa powder

200 ml. almond milk or milk of your choice

½ tbsp of cinnamon

9 tbsp of dark agave syrup

2 tbsp of black treacle syrup

2 g of fresh red chilli



As with so many of my recipes, here’s another easy one. Peel the

avocados, remove their seeds and put them into the bowl together with

the cocoa powder, the chili, agave and treacle syrup and cinnamon. Lastly

add the milk and whisk all of the ingredients together for about 13


I love to serve mousse with fresh strawberries, short bread or little bit of

vegan single cream.

Enjoy …