My Vegan No-Eggs Omelette

My Vegan No-Eggs Omelette

Tom, what are you eating instead of eggs? That was the question I was asked by my friends last week… and I just said, “This is an absolutely amazing question guys” they were very interested so after a nice discussion I answered; chickpeas 🙂 I then explained to them how to use it as a good alternative for scrambled/ pan-fried eggs, or omelet. I would like to say, this is not the only egg alternative you can use, you have more possibilities. For example, silk tofu or in organic and health shops, or online you can also buy vegan eggs or vegan scrambled egg mix, but I find it is nicer homemade. So again this is a meal you can have as breakfast, lunch or dinner. It’s a tasty brunch and has huge benefits, especially for a highly active vegan diet. It’s full of protein and keeps you full throughout the day. Also, it’s up to you which garnish you prefer you can mix it with mushrooms, peppers or cherry tomatoes I just made My Vegan No-Eggs Omelette very simple with spring onion.


250 ml of aquafaba (liquid from chickpea)

40g fresh spring onion

50 ml of non-dairy milk (I have chosen almond)

1 teaspoon of turmeric powder

2 teaspoons of dry yeast flakes

90g of chickpea flour

Salt & pepper

A spread of cooking oil or vegan butter



I recommend you use a frying pan, and first, add the butter or oil, and put on a low heat. After 3 min add chopped spring onion and fry till soft. Whilst the onions are frying mix all ingredients in your large bowl. First mix the aqufaba  with turmeric then add the milk and flour and yeast and mix it till smooth. Then add to your pan and just cook on a medium heat.




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