Pan Fried Aubergine with Mashed Potato and Light Wine Sauce

Hi Guys,

I’m back with another simple dish for you. I overheard two mums in a café

talking about what their kids can’t eat, and I was inspired to write down

some notes and create this quick and easy home made meal.



1 large aubergine

bowl ( ceramic or glass) of gluten free flour, almond milk and gluten free




600g potatoes

2 large spoons of pressed coconut oil

60 – 100ml soya cream

salt & pepper



100g baby shallots

3 star anise

100g fresh fennel

100ml white cooking wine

300ml water + vegetable stock

1 large spoon of coconut oil

150ml soya cream

salt &  pepper



So first let’s prep the aubergine. It’s up to you which shape you prefer but I

sliced it into small triangles, washed these in a little bit in water, later dried it

with paper and panached in flour, milk and bread crumbs. In a hot pan I fried

both sides. I chose coconut oil. Then I put all of the aubergine triangles in the

oven for 100C just to keep them warm.



First peel the potatoes, chop into chunks, add to a pot with water and cook till

soft, then remove the water using a colander and put the potatoes back into

the pot. Add warm oil and soya cream, salt and pepper, and mix together till it

reaches a smooth consistency.



Peel the shallots first and dice, and the fennel too, then put it all into a hot pot

with oil and braise for 7 min. Then add the star anise, the wine and leave for

another 3 min. After this, add the water with vegetable stock and cream, and

boil everything together till the fennel is very soft and reduce for another 7-

10min. Move the sauce to a blender, add 1 spoon of pressed coconut oil, salt

and pepper, then mix and sieve.

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