Red Caramelised Onion and Thyme Soup

Hello, my lovely green rabbit readers…..
I know ….winter season in Europe is gone but this type of soup is good for all  4 seasons 🙂 trust me hahaha.
ok, I’m not joking I really would like to recommend it this nice and yummy soup all the times cause it’s kind of powerful and also healthy as well. It could help for our langs system and warm you up. I made this soup for my another lovely client in East Sussex here in England and what is interested you don’t need many ingredients to make it and honestly, it does not take long to cook.
I would like to remind you how much benefits you will get from thyme and red onion its prevention of blood pressure, fever, flu, infections, cardiovascular disease and many more. I’m always trying to send a message to you via my food  🙂 So let’s make it together.
1 large potato approx 400g
1,2 kg of red onions
2 cloves of garlic
100ml of red cooking wine
20 – 70 g fresh thyme as you like
1200ml water + vegetable stock
cooking oil
salt & pepper
This kind of soup is really easy to make it. You have to remove onions skin and also garlic skin and just chop very large chunks and add to your soup pot, also peel the potato and cut exactly same add to your pot and spread some cooking oil and braise around 5 min then add fresh thyme I recommended pick just leaves please and add it and braise another 5 min then add wine mix it and braise 3 min and add stock with water and cook till everything will be soft then after mixing add salt and pepper.

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