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Baby Carrots/Ginger Soup

by Tomas

Hi to everyone! I hope and am sure you’re having a nice time in your home and

are well. I’m back here today in my kitchen with another yummy soup for you. I

have to repeat myself again, because you know what? I really love soups.

And also I love when you’re trying my soups and saying they’re lovely. So I

created something a little bit different for you, but I believe you will like it.



130g banana shallots

1 kg baby carrots

50g – 90g fresh ginger depending on your taste

450g potatoes

1 ½ tbsp. coriander seeds

2 tbsp celery seeds

5 juniper berries

100ml port wine

1300ml water with vegetable stock

30g fresh coriander

4 clementine juice (mandarins)

salt & pepper



Peel the potatoes and dice, also peel the ginger and shallots and slice. Place

everything into you soup pot and braise for 4 min. Add the carrots (clean) and

braise for another 4 min. Then add the berries, seeds, and make sure you mix it

all together. After 2 min add the wine and water with the stock and cook cca 45

min till soft. Add the fresh coriander and juice from four clementines and blend

your soup.

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