Wild Mushroom /Smoked Garlic/ Tarragon Soup

Hi Guys !!!

I’m really happy to be back in my kitchen and introduce you to my new soup. As

you know, I love to make soups. This is another unforgettable one with a very

special flavor.



650g mixed wild mushrooms

1 head of smoked garlic

1 white onion (250g)

450g potatoes

250ml white wine

900ml water with vegetable stock

1 tbsp of black onion seeds

salt and pepper

half a bunch of fresh tarragon

1 large splash of truffle oil



Firstly peel the potatoes and chop into large chunks. Also clean and slice the

garlic and mushrooms. Remove the onion’s skin and chop chunkily. Heat your

pot with oil (coconut oil is a good option) and firstly add the onion for 4 min,

then the mushrooms with the garlic for another 4 min, then add the potatoes and

braise everything for another 5 min. Keep mixing it together, add the wine and

after another 2 min, the water with veg stock, and cook till soft. Before blending

this soup, add the tarragon, a splash of truffle oil and salt and pepper to taste.

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