Wild Rocket / Mini sweet Pepper Soup

Hello Ladies and Gents, how are you today? How’s everything going between

Xmas and New Year? I hope well. I have a really interesting recipe for you today.

Here is a little story of how this idea came to me. I walked into a shop and in the

organic corner I found plenty of wild rocket at a reduced price. As I looked at it I

knew I had to check around for all of the ingredients I needed, and this new soup

was born on my table…..



500g mixed mini sweet peppers

300g wild rocket

5 cloves of garlic if you have chance buy smoked its nice flavor

1 pinch of black onion seeds

15 whole coriander seeds

1/2tbsp of celery seeds (crushed)

1 pinch of black mustard seeds

1 ½ tbsp. of smoked paprika powder

350g potatoes

100ml white wine

900ml water with vegetable stock

salt & pepper



Remove the seeds from the peppers, clean and peel the potatoes and cut into

chunks. Add to your large cooking pot, with crushed garlic and with all of the

other ingredients, except the stock and wine, and braise for 8 min. I’m using

coconut oil for cooking. After 8 min add the wine for another 3 min, followed by

the water with veg stock, and cook till soft for around 35 min.

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