Mediterranean Stuffed Tomato with Courgette Ratatouille

Hello my lovely readers around the world. I’m so excited today to share another quick and simple dish with you. You might remember that when I was in Malta I did a similar dish for my private client and promised I would make it again for you. I have to say how nice it was there. I found so many organic markets I can’t forget, I know I will be back for sure again 🙂 but let’s do this version.


for 1 portion each

240g beef tomato

40g plain couscous

8g raisins

3/4 tbsp of ras el hanout powder

40g green pepper

3/4 smoked paprika

130ml hot water

salt & pepper

pinch of clove powder

pinch of cardamon powder

pinch of cinnamon powder

pinch of ground cumin



40g spring onion

1 clove of garlic

100g courgette (zucchini)

12g organic tomato puree

15g filling (flesh) from tomato

10g of fresh coriander

salt & pepper

1 spoon of agave syrup

Olive oil or coconut oil






Firstly take out the top of the tomato and remove  all of the flesh very gently. Save around 15g for your sauce, but chop very well (you can also use a fork and make mash from the flesh). Then in your large salad bowl add couscous, raisins, green pepper (diced), all of the spices, the salt and pepper, and fill with boiling water. Place a cover over it and leave to rest and cook for around 4 min. Check if the couscous is soft and mix it all very well together. Then move this filling to inside the tomato and oven cook for 45min 180°C.


Clean the garlic, remove the skin, crush and dice. Do the same with the spring onions and then dice the courgette and chop the coriander. Put in a small cooking pot or pan with coconut oil or olive oil for cooking and fry the garlic until golden brown. Add the spring onions and courgette for another 5 min, then add the salt, pepper and tomato puree with flesh (small bowl of tomato flesh, puree and agave syrup mixed together) and lastly add fresh coriander and mix it all together.

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