Chanterelle Mushroom Bruschetta

Welcome to my kitchen again!

Because we have mushrooms everywhere in these days, I have decided to

use them and make another delicious dish for you. Personally I love

mushrooms. I have lots of ideas for this little magical fungi from the

forest. There are many kinds of edible mushrooms and so many ways

how to prepare them. In one of the restaurants I worked at, once we even

pickled the mushrooms. We ended up with a very nice harvest and it

proved a lovely experience for all of us involved in the process.

But now, back to making this beautiful starter!



200g mushroom

20g samphire

3 cloves of garlic

1 tbsp. black onion seeds

1 tbsp. of paprika powder

2 tbsp dark agave syrup

10 g fresh tarragon

1 large spoon of pressed coconut oil

125 ml white vine

135 ml soya single cream

salt & pepper



For this dish I would suggest to use a large pan or wok. Pan fry the

chopped garlic for about 3 min., add the cut mushrooms and cook them

for 4 min. Add the samphire, cook for another 4 min., then pour in the

wine and agave syrup, sprinkle with paprika and onion seeds and cook for

a further 4 min. Add soya cream, season with salt and pepper to your

taste. Add one spoon of pressed coconut oil and cook till smooth sauce

and at the end sprinkle with chopped tarragon.

Spread on your preferred type of bread and enjoy to the full!!




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