Lettuce / Mint and Pea Soup

Hi, Guys,

Today, I am back with a new, very nice soup. I have mentioned a few

times already, how much I love love love soups. This one is refreshing,

great for hot summer days! And tastes really nice too.



1 kg green peas

1 large white onion

250g of potatoes

2 large head of baby gem lettuce

4 spoon of smoke paprika

100ml white vine

6 gloves of garlic

1 liter of water with vegetable stock

coconut or olive cooking oil

½ bunch of fresh mint

salt & pepper




Braise chopped garlic and onion in oil, add potatoes, peas, lettuce,

paprika and white wine. After 8 minutes add water and wait till it boils.

Than add mint and just blend everything together.

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