Yellow Courgette Raw Spaghetti

Hey, my lovely readers, I hope you’re having wonderful time and a great day

today. I would like to share my brand new recipe with you. I was inspired by

some fresh yellow and orange courgettes my friend delivered straight from

his organic farm. A quick look at these beauties and I immediately knew what

I had to do with them!!



1 yellow courgette

1 small red chili pepper

1 lime

1 small clove of garlic

2 tbsp black & white sesame seeds

1 large spoon of mirin

5 large spoon of tamari soya sauce

1 large spoon of maple syrup

½ green pepper

50g of fresh coriander




To make nice julienne courgette strips or spaghetti, you will need a julienne


Put the sliced red chilli pepper, crushed garlic, small cubes of green pepper,

mirin and soya sauce in the bowl. Then add the sesame seeds, maple syrup,

coriander and your beautiful raw courgette spaghetti.

Mix it all together gently, chill for 2 hours and ENJOY!

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