Kohlrabi / White Radish Remoulade

Hi, guys, how are you? How was your summer and how was your holiday?  I have to apologize for another quiet time from me, I am still very busy, but I can’t wait to tell you how many surprises I have in store for you.

During July and August, I met so many interesting people and visited very quaint markets in both Kent and in London. I wrote so many recipes. Let me introduce the first one.

This is an easy dish for you to make, it’s raw, quick and so, so, so, yummy.



500g kohlrabi

250g white radish

140g carrots

15g goji berries

20g spring onion

1/2 tsp nutmeg powder

3 tbsp vegan mayo

1 tbsp date syrup

1 tbsp smoked paprika powder

2 g fresh tarragon

salt & pepper



First, peel the kohlrabi and carrots, and clean the spring onions.  Take a large salad bowl and grate the kohlrabi and carrots into it.  Chop up or slice the spring onion finely and add it to your bowl with all of the other ingredients. Mix it all up together and enjoy.


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