Spiced Rainbow Carrots Salad with Purple Potato Puree

Hi, my wonderful readers from all around the world. How is your Xmas holiday going? How are you feeling these days? And what about your exercise routine, your drinks, and food? Am just asking because I think we need to keep a very good balance between all the meals and drink during the festive time, right?
It used to always be a problem for me years ago. At Xmas, I’d eat lots of foods without thinking much of it, but now, of course, I’ve changed my ways.
Well, I will let you make your own decisions while I focus on this new, light and so so so yummy dish for you.
I have to say that I’m fascinated with rainbow carrots. I love their colors, benefits, taste, size and of course the opportunity to make more than a hundred recipes using them, but today I have chosen only one and this is a light and delicious salad for you.
I’m sure you won’t find it complicated or difficult to make, and the smell and the taste amazing, but let me know, please?



320g mix of rainbow carrots
1g whole cumin seeds
1g grated celery seeds
1g smoked paprika powder
1g ras el hanout powder
2g walnut (crushed)
1g turmeric powder
1g cardamom powder
1g harissa
1 teaspoon of olive virgin oil
1 tablespoon of organic cider vinegar
a few fresh leaves of coriander
salt & pepper


1 purple potato (150g)
90ml milk of your choice
1 tablespoon of pressed coconut butter
salt & pepper


Method :

So after measuring out the spices and peeling the carrots, please choose the way how you would like to finally plate it. You can slice, continue to peel carrots and make ribbons, or you can grate them, or if you have a spiralizer you can use that. After doing it your way, add the carrots to a large salad bowl and add all of the spices including olive oil, vinegar, salt and pepper, and mix gently using your hands, please. If you would like to make it sweeter, add some syrup and your salad is ready for eating.


Firstly peel the potato and chop into small cubes, then add to small boiling pot and cook until very soft. Afterwards please remove the hot water and add the potato to your kitchen processor. Add butter, milk, salt, and pepper and blend it ’til it reaches a smooth consistency. Add more salt or pepper if you need to, and the puree is ready to serve, but don’t mix it with the carrots, plate it separately.



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