Sweet Purple Potato Soup

Hey, my lovely readers. How are you? And how’s everything going?

I decided to make a different and maybe unusual soup for you, but I can promise you it’s full of power and energy for our bodies. I was visiting my favorite Asian shop market when I saw these purple beauties and instantly had an idea. This soup is good for our cardiovascular system and also for our blood system. I always try to find more information about each product, how fruit and veg are helping us and our bodies.



1 kg of sweet purple potatoes

3 small banana shallots

2 carrots

1 fresh red chili

5 tiny mandarin

4 cloves of garlic

1 spoon of cinnamon powder

1 spoon of cardamom powder

40g fresh coriander

1600ml water with vegetable stock

100ml coconut milk

salt & pepper

oil for cooking (your choice)



I always use my nice, large non-stick soup pot, I can highly recommend finding a nice soup pot for your kitchen. Now let’s get started:)

First, peel the potatoes and carrots and also the garlic and shallots. Just chop them all in into chunks and add to your pot with the cooking oil (I used avocado for cooking oil). Braise these ingredients for 7 min then add the mandarin, chili, cinnamon, and cardamom. Mix it all together and braise for another 6 min before adding the water and vegetable stock. Then just cook till soft and if you like, finish it with milk, coriander, salt and pepper to your taste.

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