Smoked Tempeh / Wild Mushrooms Duxelle with Kohlrabi Slaw

Hey, my lovelies. How are you? More importantly, how hungry you are?!

Today I have a small surprise for you. I believe this new recipe will work for fans of mushrooms and tempeh. I would like to add a little touch of spring and of freshness in this meal.

Again, I am trying to mix my experience from fine dining and Michelin restaurants with a simple no messing attitude 🙂 whilst making it really easy for you, the end result is really yummy trust me. It will take a little bit time and you will have to play around to you’re your preferred taste, but it is worth the effort.


100g tempeh

100g mushroom (Pied De Mouton)

2 cloves of smoked garlic

3 teaspoon smoked paprika powder

1/2 teaspoon chili flakes or a fresh one

50ml white cooking wine

1 large spoon tomato pure

7g fresh tarragon

coconut oil for cooking

salt & pepper




So for duxelle, you will need nice large pan-fried pot. Finely dice the first garlic and add into your pot with coconut oil, once nice and brown, add the mushrooms (finely diced), mix 0for 5 min. Then, add tempeh and try to stir everything using a wooden spoon. After 5 min adds chili, wine, paprika, tomato puree, tarragon and salt & pepper. Stir again and cook until final reduction (once it starts to have the consistency of pate, it’s ready).


Peel carrots and kohlrabi and grate directly into your salad bowl. Add mustard, mayo and salt and pepper, mix nicely together and your slaw is done.


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  1. Amazing food but the photography is not as good!

    1. Tomas Author says:

      thank you for your comment …

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