My Wild Mushroom Stroganoff

My Wild Mushroom Stroganoff

Last summer I visited my parents and my family, and my mum made me smile when she asked me; “Tom, what will you eat here, and what should I cook for you?” and I just answered her; “I will eat food:)” Haha I was not being sarcastic, it just made me smile. So, I had a very nice conversation with my Mami and I showed her the recipe I will tell you now. It’s a really yummy and easy dish and I know you will like it. It was so good I ended up cooking it for my dad, my sister in law and two nephews:)

So, I explained to them what I was doing as I cooked this lovely stroganoff, and I can tell you it’s another dish which is really quick to put on your table and has many benefits as well:)



170g mixed wild garlic

1 large shallot

3 cloves of garlic

50g of gherkins

120ml white cooking wine

200ml oat single cream or your choice

150ml organic tomato puree

200ml water with vegetable stock

1 teaspoon dark date syrup

2 teaspoons of smoked paprika powder

cooking oil

salt & pepper



I used a large pot in my mom’s kitchen and after I’d peeled and cleaned the shallots and garlic, I diced both, put them in the pot and braised in coconut oil for around 3 min. Then I added the mushrooms, mixed it all together and braised for another 3 min. Next, I added tomato puree and vegetable stock as well as the gherkins, paprika powder, and cream. Finally, I just mixed everything together and cooked till the mushrooms were soft and the sauce smooth.


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