Chick Pea/Enoki and Rofun Mushroom with Round Egg Plants Salad

Hello, my lovely readers from around the world. How are you today? I visit small Asian market here in the south UK and I feel like a little boy in toy shop hahaha so many different vegetables and so many health benefits products. I have to say big thank you incredible and so pretty shop assistant from China she spends nearly one hour with me explained everything including which veg is good for our organs and much more so after this nice conversion I decided to make a nice and interested salad for you. It’s not hard for prep and cooks and it’s very delicious and yummy.


350g chickpea
25g spring onion
15g black garlic or if you like garlicky test put 50g
100g rofun mushrooms
100g enoki mushrooms
40g round baby eggplants
5g fresh red chili
50ml white wine
1 large spoon of coconut pressed butter
1 1/2 tbs sesame seeds
1 large spoon of tamari sauce
1 small lime
30g fresh coriander
1 large spoon of coconut oil for cooking
salt and pepper
 Wash first chickpeas if you have in a tin or if you have fresh soak overnight in a nice ball.
So cut both mushrooms ends of first and dived it by fingers gently then clean via water eggplants and chop first ends and then fine diced.
  Take some small wok pan if you have or use some large ceramic non stick cooking pan add coconut oil and heat it up in this time slice spring onion and add in to the pan after 3 min add mushrooms  and mix it together after 5 min add eggplants and chopped red chilli with sesame seeds and chickpeas then mix it very well together after 2  -3 min add wine with tamari sauce and lime juice + zest and straight pressed coconut butter mix it again and reduce finally sauce and final step add freshly chopped coriander and salt/pepper.

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