Rye Bread Crostini with Fried Fennel / Capers and Samphire

Hello guys. I hope and believe you are well and good. I would like to show you a very easy and very yummy starter dish today, which is definitely interesting, light and delicious. It’s so easy to make it, even for more people or for family. By the way it’s also possible to double it and have it for mains, just add more bread or some fresh focaccia. So let’s focus on this one 🙂



2 (30g) spring onions

1 clove of garlic

150g fennel

25 g dry apricots

1 lemon

15g samphire

1 and 1/2 tbsp of capers

1 tbsp of sesame seeds

70ml of white vine

1 tbsp of dry or fresh dill

1/2 tbsp of dark agave syrup

salt & pepper

1 large spoon of olive pressed butter

cooking time



I always use a nonstick ceramic pan, which is so very useful.  Remove and clean the garlic and spring onions and dice them.  Then cut the small fennel in half to remove its center and just slice it. Finally dice the apricots and get your pan ready to medium heat. Add olive or coconut oil for cooking and add first the garlic till nice and golden in color, then add the spring onion for 4 mins and the fennel with apricots and sesame seeds.  Use a grater for lemon zest and also use its juice. Give it a nice mix and add capers, samphire and wine. After 3 min add butter, salt and pepper and cook everything till soft and the sauce has reduced.

Light and Delicious

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