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Pan Fried Pink Oyster Mushroom with Okra and Turnip Puree

by Tomas

Hi my lovely readers. I have to say how very surprised I was

when I saw pink Oyster Mushroom. I ‘m so excited by what our planet

Earth creates …… I spotted these little gifts in a shop and had an idea for a

quick starter.




30g large spring onions

1g caraway seeds

250g turnip

2 large spoon of pressed coconut butter

2 large spoon of coconut milk

190g water

salt & pepper



2 cloves of garlic

100g pink oyster mushrooms

80g okra

6 lime dry leafs

1 ½ tbsp. sesame seeds

½ lime zest +juice

100ml white cooking vine

¾ tbsp. harissa mix

120ml coconut single cream

1 tbsp dark agave syrup

salt & pepper




Peel the turnip and cut into small cubes. Then chop the onion and add it

with all the other ingredients together. Cook on a low temperature till soft

then blend and sieve.



In a large pan put the coconut oil or olive oil for frying and braise firstly

the peeled garlic (chopped), after 3 min add the mushrooms , you can tear

these by hand . Then add the okra lime leafs and the sesame seeds , mix

and braise for another 2 min. Add the harissa mix , lime zest + juice , wine

and coconut cream and after 4 min add the coconut butter , agave syrup ,

salt pepper . Reduce the stock and taste to see if okra and mushrooms are


Then is done. You can serve this dish with boiled rice or some nice crispy





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