Mixed Root Vegetable Soup

Hey guys I’m back in the kitchen with another interested recipe soup for you.

This time I found in shop between veg nice organic packet of mixed root veg and

idea came strait to my head. I would like to show you very warm and nice soup

which is still good in all seasons.



500g mixed root vegetable ( beetroot, parsnip , carrots)

5 cloves of garlic

1 sweet potato ( 400g)

230g celery sticks

1 very large spoon of dry chervil

1 tbsp of black mustard seeds

pinch saffron

1200ml water with vegetable stock

1 spoon of cyder vinegar

salt & pepper



Put mixed root vegetable to large pot and on olive oil for cooking braised with

garlic, chopped celery and mustard seeds for 10 min then add potato, chervil,

saffron, vinegar and braised another 5 min then add water with vege stock and

cook around 45 min. You can mixed after or just you can eat like that.



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