Wild Mushroom Bruschetta

Hi, Guys!!

I hope you are having a really good time. I am back with another easy

recipe for you. Now we are in the mushroom season and to cook with

fresh wild mushrooms is always a joy! In my previous jobs, as much as I

have enjoyed cooking wild mushrooms, our customers have enjoyed

eating them!

I hope you will enjoy it too!




150g wild mushrooms

1 clove of garlic

4 large spoons of white wine

4g red chili pepper (prefer fresh)

25g of fresh thyme

1 spoon of coconut oil

1 tbsp of truffle oil

1 large spoon of pressed coconut butter

Any home made bread (gluten free)

salt and pepper


First clean the mushrooms. Peel and crush the clove of garlic, chop the

chili and thyme. Put the coconut oil into the pan and once the oil is hot,

put the garlic, chili pepper in and mix together for about 2 minutes, then

add the mushrooms with thyme and shake in the pan until nice and

golden. Pour in the white wine and butter and reduce this sauce into a

smooth consistence.

While the mushrooms are cooking, grill or toast your bread.

To enjoy this dish to the full, spread the mushroom mix on your toast and

sprinkle with truffle oil!!


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