Ice Lettuce / Avocado / Radish / Salad with Pea Pure

Hi, Guys!

Today is a perfect day for showing you how to make a simple salad.

Salads can look really great and be presented in a several ways.

And because it is not only our mouth we eat food with, salads should be

pleasing to our eyes too. A beautiful presentation when plating food is a

creative and evolving process of always learning new techniques.





1 soft avocado

Ice Lettuce Salad leaf

2 small radish

1 cucumber

2 small cooked beetroot



200g green peas

400ml coconut milk

1 tbsp of smoked paprika

½ tbsp of onion seeds

1 large spoon of coconut peeled butter



1 spoon classic French mustard

1 spoon of vegan crème

4 spoon of hazelnut milk

½ spoon of olive oil



This time I have presented my salad a bit differently than usual. You can

try it my way or do something else.

From a peeled cucumber, using a peeler, I shaved 3 long pieces and rolled

them up. Inside of them I placed curled up slices of beetroot and around

it, avocado, radish and some beautiful herbs and viola flowers. Flowers

always lift the look of any salad and taste great too. It is summer time and

it should be seen on your plate too!


To make a puree, put all of the ingredients into a pan and cook together

on a very low heat till everything is soft and reduced. Then just blend it

all together.


Whisk all ingredients together.

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