Black Rice Noodle Pasta with Wild Garlic Pesto and Figs

Good morning, afternoon or evening to my lovely rabbit readers all around the world.

I’m so happy to share another light, summery and so a yummy dish with you. I’ve mentioned a few times how good figs are for our bodies and also wild garlic. In fact, you have to wait a year for this amazing herb, but I think you really are a winner if you have a chance to pick this green gift.

It was a few weeks ago when I was in East Sussex (part of England) and I visited the gorgeous Barcombe Mills. I walked by the river and I found an absolute forest of wild garlic and I spent more than an hour in this beautiful location and whilst I was picking, I had the idea for this recipe. This is a kind of interesting but very tasty recipe which is definitely healthy for you.



85g black rice noodle

20g walnuts

120g figs

1 wedge of lemon

80g wild garlic puree

1 teaspoon of agave syrup

salt & pepper


The easy way to do this is to mix it in your food processor till it’s a smooth consistency or blanch the wild garlic with the vegan butter till soft, before adding a little bit of nut milk (your choice) then mix it together till soft.



Set up your pot and add water, bring to boil and add the pasta, which you must cook for 7min before moving into a pan-frying pot. Add chopped figs and chopped walnuts with the noodles and mix it all together. Then add the wild garlic puree, lemon juice, salt and pepper and mix it together once more.

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