Capri Peppers Bruschetta

Hi to everyone who is reading today. I’m really happy to introduce so quick and easy to make dish today for you. I have to say this is a touch of Italy because I get inspiration from my very good Italien friend Carla.
A few years ago I have had the opportunity to work with her for 2 months and she told me so many different ways and the secret of North Italian cuisine and I can tell you mostly recipes she learned from her family and an amazing grandmother.
So I picked a little bit off inspirations and made my way to you I believe you will like it and eat fast and quick hahaha no just enjoy it.
350g red Capri peppers
1 clove of garlic
1tbsp of black onion seeds
1 large spoon of olive oil for cooking
4 tbsp of cider apple vinegar
3 tbsp of organic date syrup
2 – 3 g  fresh oregano
salt & pepper
So you will need clean peppers first remove seeds and if you don’t like peppers skin I can recommend to you boil water and put for 1 and a half min peppers to hot water take out and remove skin gently. Personally, I like it cause it’s so yummy and crispy so choose your way and after slices, pepper for julienne then chop garlic very well and put olive oil into your cooking pan.
I’m using ceramic pan it’s very comfortable and nonstick which is very good for frying  searing etc. so after 3 min heat ad garlic with pepper in and make sure you are not gonna burn it make good mix every 3 min after 10 min add onion seeds and vinegar and check again its take around 40 min make nice, soft consistency after 30 min add date syrup  salt and pepper and last few minutes before serving to add fresh oregano leaves.

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