Hello, I’m Tom

I’m crazy, full of love and here to show you how to cook easy and

healthy food. Originally I’m from the Czech Republic, but in 2006 I

came to Brighton and I can never forget how excited I was, and still am

about this city.

Since 2006 I have cooked in traditional British Pubs and Restaurants

starting as a Commis chef, CDP, Junior Sous and Sous Chef… I also had

the opportunity to take on the roll of Head Chef for a while until I

realized I didn’t want to cook meat any more.

I am grateful for all of the experience with international and English

Head chefs from gastro, fine dining and Michelin Restaurants but I was

always curious about cooking without using animal products. In the

kitchen you learn every day but the big challenge for me is Vegan artistic

kitchen. I think, make and create something different using mixed spices

and herbs in my cooking and finding a new recipe is always very

exciting. Sometimes people ask, why vegan? Well. I have a simple

answer. I was fat, I felt like snowman and I also had some health issues.

So I started to make some changes and I found out just how amazing it is

to be without meat and to feel great. After sometime I began to look at

animals with a new, kinder perspective. I now respect them and I am

happy when animals have a natural life and freedom.

So back to food… I would like to show you my skills, my creativity and

fantasy and I would like to share the love inside me.

Thank You for stopping by and reading. Please let me know how you like

the blogs and the recipes.

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