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Vegan Jerusalem Artichokes Soup

by Tomas
Vegan Jerusalem Artichokes Soup


The most delicious Vegan Jerusalem Artichokes Soup is yummy and healthy for You!!!

Vegan Jerusalem Artichokes Soup


Hi, my lovely rabbit readers. Who’s ready for Vegan Jerusalem Artichokes Soup? But let me ask you something. Do you know about artichokes and how many good benefits they have for our bodies? Full of iron and potassium, they also help keep low blood pressure along with many more advantages. You can always play with these little miracles and make more than Vegan Jerusalem Artichokes Soup, pure, cake, crisps,  At this time of year they are in the season, and perfect for winter time meals. I have a friend who does fruit and vegetable delivery, so I asked him if he has any artichokes available and he was able to deliver to me 2 kg of these amazing things:) I had already a plan in my mind to make a delicious soup like Mixed Mini Squash pumpkin Soup.

I know I’m repeating myself, but I have to say I really love to make soup! It’s a real pleasure of mine, and I always enjoy working out new combinations and flavors. This soup is incredibly simple, yet incredibly delicious!

Vegan Jerusalem Artichokes Soup


350g potato

6 cloves or 10 if you like it of black garlic

1200g of artichokes

3 small onion (230g)

1 teaspoon of nutmeg powder

1/2 teaspoon celery seeds

1000ml of water with organic vegetable stock

salt & pepper

cooking oil

Vegan Jerusalem Artichokes Soup


Firstly, I’d like to suggest you use a nice large pot for this soup, make sure add oil first, then put it on low heat. Add the already peeled and chopped artichokes, the onion, potato, garlic, nutmeg, and celery seeds and braise them all together for 7-10 min then turn your heat up and add the water and vegetable stock mixture and cook till boiling.  Add salt and pepper to your taste and then blend the softened vegetables smooth with your hand blender.

Vegan Jerusalem Artichokes Soup

Vegan Jerusalem Artichokes Soup

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