Pearl Barley / Chestnut / Shitake Mushrooms Risotto


Recently I visited a local supermarket and I noticed shitake mushrooms. Shitake has always fascinated me, I can’t explain why but I thought now might be the time for me to create a dish centered around them. So, I grabbed a case and off I went…

I had just bought pearl barley, an amazing cereal full of fiber, high in vitamins, minerals and helps to lower cholesterol. Personally, I love using Pearl Barley in fitness food as it fills you up, but it doesn’t sit too heavily on your stomach. It is the base of an energy filled and light meal for you. On the same trip to the supermarket, I collected some chestnuts, and was ready to go!

So this dish is so easy to make it and again I have to say it’s so so yummy.



120g pearl barley

125g shitake mushrooms

60g chestnuts

1 small banana shallot

1 clove of garlic

5g fresh tarragon

20ml white cooking wine

1 teaspoon vegan margarine

1 large spoon of vegan cheese

1 teaspoon of truffle oil

a spread of  oil for cooking

salt and pepper



I recommended to you the first soak pearl barley overnight in the water you will have nice soft consistency ready for cooking. Use a small pot to cook the barley in fresh water, it takes around 20 min but keeps an eye on it and cook to personal taste.

When ready drain the pearl barley. Once drained you are ready to start pan frying mushrooms.

You will need a large pan. Chop the first shallot with garlic and add the shallot to your hot pan, after 4 min adds the mushrooms and after 6 min adds the chestnuts and fry for another 4 min. Then, add wine, butter, and pearl barley and gently mix together (remember to keep stirring!) until you can see the reduction. Lastly add the chopped tarragon, vegan cheese, truffle oil and salt pepper and mix well again.

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