My Stuffed Figs

Did you know how many benefits have figs? Plenty of minerals and fibers but I’m 100% sure you can find it on the internet very easily and get lots of information.
I never gonna forget my experience when I visited the first time Iraklis on Crete and very large veg & fruit market and I met a guy who told me about figs so many and interested information…
I have to say I really do love this amazing fruits I have so many ideas in my mind what you can do and make it but today I just realized another light and summer recipe for you. It will take around 30 min to make it but I believe you will like it 🙂
140g fresh figs
140g vegan creme cheese
180g enoki mushrooms
1 teaspoon of onion seeds
1 teaspoon of smoked paprika powder
1 small clove of garlic
10g of cashew nuts
spread of oil your choice
salt & pepper
The first chopped  figs end and very gently make cross via knife and lightly opened figs  and put them on small  cooking gastro tray with a spread of oil  then use some your small pan and with oil add garlic (diced), chopped enoki mushrooms and pan-fried slowly and after 3 min add onion seeds, paprika, salt and pepper , cashew and finally creme cheese and mix it all together well till smooth and soft consistency and after 4 min just stuffed figs and move all of it to your oven for 8 min ( 180C gas 4)  and your figs will be ready for serve
as a garnish, you can make pea puree, rocket or fresh watercress salad.

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