Mixed Baby Plum Tomato Salad with Basil Tofu

Hello, my lovely rabbit readers around the world. I would love to know how your summer’s been? You can always tell me via social media or by email. I’m interested to hear what you did. What did you eat in the heat? And did you have a chance to eat vegan food? Or did you try any new vegan food while you were on holiday?

I have to say this year in England, especially in the South, we’ve had the best summer weather, it’s given me so much inspiration for delicious, light and yummy menus. I’ve helped so many pubs create simple, delicious vegan brunch meals. It’s so important for me to have happy customers and clients and I’ve had so much nice feedback 🙂

And I have one easy recipe here I’m happy to share with you!


100g cucumber

110g mixed baby plum tomato

 25g pitted black olives

 10g sun-dried tomatoes

 40g gluten-free bread

 1 teaspoon of organic cider vinegar

 1 teaspoon of virgin olive oil

 1 teaspoon agave syrup

 5g of fresh basil leafs

 1 small clove of garlic

 1 packed basil tofu

salt and pepper

oil for cooking



I just would like to remind you that this dish is so easy to make!

About basil tofu, you can buy it in your local organic shop or online and what you need to do is just to remove the tofu from original package and cut it to how you prefer before pan-frying.

Take your large salad bowl and chop the cucumber into small cubes, half the tomatoes and add to salad bowl. Next, add the olives and the chopped dry tomatoes, then add olive oil, vinegar, syrup and croutons (you can make these in your oven or toaster). Mix it all together before adding the chopped garlic with salt and pepper and fresh basil. Finally, mix it all together again.


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