Figs / Carrots Salad on Sweet Potato with Fennel Puree

Hey Hey would you like come and play? Hi Guys I‘m back in my kitchen, in a

good mood and ready to show you another trick for creating such a yummy

salad. This is definitely not a boring dish and I can guarantee that if you love

creativity too, it will put a smile on your face.



1 small sweet potato

3 small figs

1 large carrot



250g fennel

400ml milk of your choice

1 tbsp of smoked paprika

½ tbsp. of dry cardamom powder

salt and pepper

1 large spoon of coconut butter



1 grapefruit (approximately 200g)

90g walnuts

10g of fresh mint leaves

2 spoons of dark treacle




First peel the sweet potato and make slices or cubes, again it’s up to you how

you prefer to plate it but I’m happy to show my way  Then roast the potato

at 180C till soft for approximately 25min.

Peel the carrots and use the peeler to make long strips, then finally chop the

figs for wedges.



Cut the ends off the fennel, halve, remove the hard parts in the middle, chop

into chunky pieces and add to a small pot with the milk, paprika, cardamom,

salt and pepper. Bring on a low heat to the boil, cook till soft, then move to

your blender or mixer, add butter and blend it all together.



You will need a blender or mixer again. Put the walnuts in, squeeze the whole

grapefruit, add dark treacle and mint, and just blend it all together till it

reaches a very nice, smooth consistency.

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