Courgette Tagliatelle with Steamed Broccoli and Enoki Mushrooms

Sometimes we are late from work, school, meetings or the gym, sometimes we don’t have too much time to make a meal, sometimes we need a really quick solution to have food ready in 30 min. M’I right?
I’m just using my own experience of when I need to eat something and I have been too busy to do it and my time’s been running so fast somewhere.  Also, I was listening one day to some conversation in the shop between some lovely ladies about how time is pressing them sometimes and how they need to think every day of a meal in little time.  So after this, I got an idea to make another really nice brunch lunch or dinner for you. Not too many ingredients, not too many complications and I can tell you, it is such a yummy dish.



100g steamed tender broccoli
160g courgette/zucchini
150g enoki mushrooms
2 cloves of smoked garlic
10g pecan nuts
½ teaspoon of onion seeds
1 large tablespoon of pressed coconut oil
80ml white cooking wine
100ml single oat cream
oil for cooking
salt & pepper




Use a nice, large pot for cooking or nonstick pan or wok and preheat it on a very low heat with oil for cooking.
Clean the courgette and chop ends off, then use a peeler to make tagliatelle, by just moving your peeler one way slowly and nicely, you will make good ribbons. Then chop up the garlic very nicely and add it straight into your pot with the courgette and also with the mushrooms. Give it a nice mix for 4 min on low heat, then add onion seeds, broccoli, salt and pepper, and nuts. Increase the heat a little and cook for 10 –15 min then move to a large bowl. Add butter with wine and cream to the pot and just reduce it and cook till you have a nice smooth sauce. Finally add all the cooked ingredients from your bowl back, and gently mix together.

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