Chocolate Rocky Cake

Hi, Guys!

Let’s make sure you have a nicer and lovelier day by presenting to you

my new sweet dish. Chocolate cake recipes can sometimes get a bit

complicated, but I want to make it as easy for you as possible and of

course, very yummy!!



130g raw cocoa powder

200g coconut butter

90g dark agave syrup

400ml coconut milk

50g gluten free biscuits

80 raisins

15g hemp seeds

90g walnuts



Prepare two bowls. Into the first one mix the biscuits, chopped or broken

into small chunks, together with raisins and walnuts. Into the second bowl

put the cocoa powder, butter, milk and syrup. Meanwhile boil water in a

pot larger than the second bowl, and put the second bowl with its contents

into the boiling water to melt everything down. When melted and smooth,

mix in all the ingredients from the first bowl and whisk together. Pour all

of the mixture into a cake tin of any shape, leave it to cool down and then

refrigerate for 5 hours. After a long wait in the fridge, it’s time to try our

cake and let me know if it was worth it!

I made it last Sunday without knowing my friends would turn up and

guess how it ended?? We nearly had a spoon fight over the leftovers!! In

this hot summer weather there will be more visits from my friends, more

reasons to make nice cool cakes and it looks like more spoon fights!!

Cannot wait!!